Frequently Asked Questions


Why clean the air ducts?

  • Ventilation systems continually collects all of the house hold contaminants that can make you sick. Ventilation systems get clogged with debris and needs to be removed to function properly.

What are signs of dirty air ducts?

  • We inspect your air ducts with a video system that clearly allows us to asses the dirt levels in your air ducts.
  • Someone in the house is suffering from allergies or sinus conditions.
  • Dust particles visibly floating around when looking through a light such as a lamp or a ray of sunlight through your window.
  • Vent covers are clogged with pet hair or dirt
  • Areas around covers have lines of dirt surrounding them
  • Temperature and air flow is different from room to room
  • Higher than usual utility bills means that your air system may be overworked due to clogged vents
  • New homes could contain many debris left behind from construction.
  • If anyone in the home smokes, if there are pets, or excessive dirt traced in.

How does it promote healthier living?

  • By cleaning the air ducts all of the dust and bacteria will be removed to help prevent allergies.
  • Cleaning the air ducts and HVAC system is a proven step in improving health conditions in your home.

Can I reduce utility bills by having my air ducts cleaned?

  • By reducing the amount of blockage in the air vents will leave your system using less energy to blow air through your home.
  • Large amounts of blockage in your air ducts forces your systems to expend more¬† energy when creating air flow through out your home.

How frequently do the air ducts need to be cleaned?

  • On average a house should have the air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years.
    If you are unsure of the last time your house has had the air ducts cleaned look for signs such as allergies, visible dust in the air, or the presence of pets or smokers. Call us for an inspection of your air ducts and we will assess the the services that you may require.

How much time does cleaning the ventilation system take?

  • Usually an average system takes 3-4 hours to clean. Larger ventilation systems could take longer depending on the amount of vents, the services required to clean it, and how clogged the system is.

How much time does cleaning the ventilation system cost?

  • Usually an average system costs $400 to $600 to clean. A quote is given once a technician has assessed the condition of your home.